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History of Old Boys Praha

OBP visited 10% of countries in the worldOBP visited 10% of countries in the world
OBP visited 10% of countries in the world

The only Czech purely veterans club, Old Boys Praha celebrated 20th anniversary of its existence in 2008. During all that time, we reached a number of good achievements, especially overseas tours to Canada in 1997, to Australia and New Zealand (including Tahiti) in 1999, to South Africa in 2001, to USA and Bahamas in 2005 and last time to Argentina and Brazil 2006 - each time as first ever rugby team from the Czech Republic.

In 2011 we played for the second time in New Zealand and for the first time in Hong Kong and in Cook Islands.

In Europe we made 7 tours to France, 6 tours to Germany, 4 tours to Italy, 3 tours to England, 2 tours to Switzerland and Spain, one to Holland, Wales, Belgium, Croatia, Portugal and Luxembourg.

From the domestic achievements it is possible to mention 5 victories of Vyškov Collared Pork Tournament (Memorial of Johnny Navrátil) in Vyškov, Moravia - in 1993, 1998, 2003, 2004 and 2007 and last but not least victory of 1999 Old Golden Prague as well.

During our history, since 1988 Old Boys have played 400 games. First of which in Autumn 1988 with Crewkern RFC in South England, the 10th game in 1990 with RC Caen in Normandie, France, the 20th one in 1992 with Czech veterans of Tatra Smíchov in Prague, the 50th in 1994 with Polizei Hamburg from Germany in Prague.

The 100th game in our history we played during Goldies and Oldies Tournament in Hamburg, Germany with Willenhalll RFC from England in 1997. Game Nr. 150 we played with a Czech team Slavia Oldies in Prague in 2000.

Game Nr. 200 we played with another Czech team Vyškov Oldies in 2002. The game No. 250 was played in overseas - in San Diego, USA on May 18, 2005 with The Ratbags from Victoria, Australia.

Game Nr. 300 we played with a French team Old Baroudeurs during 4th Old Golden Prague Event in 2008.

Game Nr. 400 we played during 11th European Golden Oldies Rugby Festival in Trieste, Italy with Italian team Selezione Froiuli - Venezia - Giulia 2 in June 2012.


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Old Boys Praha has also participated in top events of World and European Golden Oldies Rugby. For the first time in 1997, we took part in 10th World Golden Oldies Rugby Festival in Vancouver, Canada and then we started also in 12th WGORF 1999 in Adelaide, Australia and last time in 15th Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival 2005 in San Diego, USA. In 2006 we started at Argentina Rugby Festival at Mar dela Plata, Argentina.

In 2002, we started our tour also in series of European Golden Oldies Festivals in 6th EGORF in Split, Croatia and continued then in 7th EGORF 2004 in Benidorm, Spain, in 9th EGORF in Madeira Islands, Portugal and last time in 11th EGORF in Trieste, Italy.

In February 2012 Executive Committee of European Golden Oldies Rugby (EGOR) decided that the next 12th EGOR Festival will be hosted by Old Boys Praha on the occasion of the Celebrations of 25 years (Quarter-Century!!) Anniversary of our club on June 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic.

In Prague we hosted a lot of teams from abroad during our more then 20 years of existence. The special occasions were Old Golden Prague international veteran rugby tournaments which we have already organised 4 times - in 1994, 1999, 2003 and 2008. Since 2009 we have organised Old-Prague Ham Events each year.  During these events we hosted a lot of teams from all parts of Europe, especially from England, Russia, Germany, Wales, Belgium, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania, Israel, France, Poland, Croatia, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Hungary and Moravia, eastern part of our country and also Canada.


  • Belgium 1 (Les Fossiles de Visé / RC Visé),
  • Canada 2 (St. Peterborough Kawartha Krocks, Kawartha Master Krocks),
  • Croatia 1 (ZVRK Zagreb),
  • Czech Republic 8 (Old Boys Praha, Old Dragons Brno, Prague Barbarians, Team Moravia - All Stars of Moravia / Moravian-Silesian Eagles, Vyškov Oldies, Old Tigers / Prague Platinum Turtles, Praga Oldies, Říčany Oldies),
  • England 5 (Mill Hill RFC, Moore RFC,  Willenhall RFC, Cobham All Stars, St. Bernadettes Old Boys RFC),
  • France 8 (Aix Entriques, Old Baroudeurs de Tours, AJC Perpignan, CPPN Chaumont, Cayac Gradignan, Le XV de l´Hippocampe, XV sans Q Chambéry, Les 6 Roses Grenoble),
  • Germany 3 (Old Potsdam / Brandenburg Adler, Victoria Linden, Baden-Württemberg Oldies),
  • Hungary 1 (Old Stars Hungary / Old Boys Hungary)
  • Israel 1 (Elders of Zion),
  • Italy 15 (CA Rugby Padova, Old Rugby Brescia, Old Rugby Rovigo, Old Rugby Perugia – Etruschi, Old Rugby Civitaveccia Roma, Senatori Virgiliani Mantova, CUS Old Rugby Catania, Old Rugby Pesaro, Armata Brancaleon Mirano, I Ribolliti Firenze, Veterans de l´Alguer, Rugby Crema, Modena Rugby Veterans, I Cavalieri di San Giorgio, Old Rugby Viterbo),
  • Lithuania 2 (Geležinis Vilkas, Politechnika Kaunas),
  • Norway 1 (Valhall Rugby),
  • Poland 1 (Old Boys Krakow),
  • Russia 2 (St. Peterburg Golden Oldies, Stare regbi Moskva),
  • Spain 3 (RC L´Hospitalet Barcelona, Pata Negra Madrid, Veteranos Elche),
  • Sweden 2 (Vintage Vikings, Attila RG),
  • Ukraine 3 (Kiiv Oldies, Golden Cossacks, Platinum Cossacks),
  • Wales 1 (Rhiwbina Grey Squirrels).

Club Colours   Yellow and Red (Colours of City of Prague)
Club Logo   Turtle with the inscription RUGBY taking a Glass of Beer 
Number of Members   active about 50 
Presidents   Vladislav Petras (1988-2009, Jiří Livers (2010-2012), Vladislav Petras (since 2012)  
Head Coach   still vacant position...
Club Captains   Vladislav Petras (1988 - 1994), Miroslav Němeček (1994 - 1997), Jiří Livers (1997-2009), Andrej Hronec (2010-2012)   Vladimír Kodytek (since 2012)
 Honorary Chairman  Vladislav Petras (since 2010) 


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