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History of Old Golden Prague Events (1994-2008)


1994 Prague Oldies´n´Goldies was organised in May 27-29, 1994 as a second tournament of Oldies and Goldies Series first of which took place in 1993 in Nancy, France. The following 8 clubs/teams played in Prague at that time: Willenhall RFC from England, Old Rugby Brescia from Italy, RC Visé from Belgium, TSV Victoria Linden from Germany, Rhiwbina Grey Squirrels from Wales and Elders of Morava, Prague Barbarians and Old Boys Praha from the Czech Republic.

The most succesful team of the tournament was Willenhall from England winning the final match at Tatra Smíchov Stadium with Old Boys Praha 7:0. Welsh from Rhiwbina reached 3rd place beating Germans of Victoria Linden 34:0. Further standings was as follows: 5. Prague Barbarians, 6. Brescia, 7. Team Moravia, 8. Visé.

The Farewell Dinner was at hotel Pyramida.



After finishing Oldies and/but Goldies Series in England 1998, Old Boys Praha invited the teams participating at this series and also other veterans teams to start another series to Old Golden Prague 1999. Finally, 10 clubs and teams took part in the tournament taking place on May 7-9, 1999: Moore RUFC from England, Elders of Kiev from Ukraine, CA Rugby Padova and Rugby Rovigo - both from Italy, Stare regbi Moscow from Russia, Old Potsdam from Germany, Rhiwbina RFC from Wales and Old Dragons Brno, Veterans of Vyškov and Old Boys Praha - all from the Czech Republic. Winners of 3 qualification groups at Praga, Petrovice and Říčany pitches were Old Boys Praha, Old Dragons Brno and Veterans of Vyškov. Due to injuries and fatigue of some players, for the final group teams of Brno and Vyškov unified into a common Team Moravia and another combined team of Padova (Italy) and Potsdam (Germany) was created. Old Boys Praha then won at Tatra Stadium with Potsdam/Padova 10:0 a made a draw with Moravia 5:5. Final standings: 1. Old Boys Praha, 2. Combined team of Padova/Potsdam, 3. Team Moravia, 4. Moscow, 5. Rhiwbina.

The Farewell Dinner at Eden Culture Center.


  • 2003: 3rd OLD GOLDEN PRAGUE

On the occasion of 15 years of Old Boys Praha, 3rd Old Golden Prague was organised on June 12-15, 2003. Eight teams took part, for the first time a team outside of Europe came from Israel, for the first time also teams from Latvia and oldies from Sweden took part. The list of participants of that year was as follows:

Mill Hill RFC from England, Geležinis Vilkas Vilnius and Politechnika Kaunas - both from Latvia, St. Peterburg Golden Oldies from Russia, Elders of Zion from Israel, Team Moravia and Old Boys Praha - both from the Czech Republic and Vintage Vikings from Sweden. Welcome Drink was at café Melodie in Holiday Inn Prague Congreess Center and the honorary kick-off of the final game was performed by H.E. Dr. Noel N. Lehoko, Ambassador of South Africa.

The winner of the tournament was again a team from England, this time Mill Hill who won the final game in Tatra Smíchov Stadium against Old Boys Praha in a tough game 25:5. Final ranking: 1. Mill Hill, 2. Old Boys Praha, 3. Golden Oldies St. Peterburg, 4. Team Moravia, 5. Geležinis Vilkas, 6. Elders of Zion/Vintage Vikings, 7. President´s XV, 8. Politechnika Kaunas.

The Farewell Dinner was at the Monastery Brewery of Strahov Monastery.



Old Boys Praha celebrated their 20th anniversary by organising 4th Old Golden Prague / 6th Georg Holek Cup - International Rugby Veteran Event 2008 which took place from May 29 to June 2, 2008. Thanks to all participants who came in spite of heavy competition of all European veteran events organised during this year, incl. European and World Golden Oldies Festivals in Madeira and Edinburgh, the Event was the greatest in the history of the Czech Rugby... Totally 17 teams from 12 countries took part in this event...  


  • Day 1 - Thursday May 29, 2008:

      Arrival of Participants,

      at 19,00 Welcome Drink Party at Matrix Music Club

  •       Day 2 - Friday May 30, 2008:

      Meeting 12,00, Kick-Off 13,00 Qualification Games at the Stadion Josefa Kohouta,


Categories and Pools:


  • POOL A:
    Old Boys Praha (Czech Republic), Peterborough Kawartha Krocks (Canada), Old Boys Krakow (Poland), Old Baroudeurs (France)
  • POOL B:
    Baden-Württemberg Oldies (Germany), Aix Entriques (France), ZVRK Zagreb (Croatia)
  • POOL C:
    Cobham All Stars (England), RC L´Hospitalet (Catalonia), Valhall Rugby (Norway), Golden Cossacks (Ukraine)
  • POOL D:
    Old Rugby Perugia (Italy), Moravian All Stars (Czech Republic), Attila RG-Vintage Vikings (Sweden)


    Old Tigers - Czech Masters Classics Rugby (Czech Republic)
    Peterborough Master Krocks (Canada)
    Platinum Cossacks (Ukraine)
  • Day 3 - Saturday May 31, 2008:

     Free Day (Optional Programme); 

  • Day 4 - Sunday June 1, 2008:

      Meeting 9,00, Kick-Off 10,00 Final Games at Tatra Rugby Stadium in Prague,       

      and at 19,00 Farewell Party at Top Hotel Praha,

     Day 5 - Monday June 2. 2008:

      Departure Day.




Pool A:

OBP - Baroudeurs 14:7, Krocks - Krakow 0:28, OBP - Krakow 7:0, Krocks - Baroudeurs 12:19, OBP - Krocks 0:5, Baroudeurs - Krakow 12:12

Standings: 1. OBP, 2. Krakow, 3. Baroudeurs, 4 Krocks

Pool B:

Baden W. - Entriques 0:10, Entriques - Zagreb 24:0, Baden W. - Zagreb 29:5

Standings: 1. Entriques, 2. Baden w., 3. Zagreb

Pool C:

Cobham - Cossacks 5:12, Cobham - Hospitalet 21:0, Hospitalet - Cossacks 7:40, Hospitalet - Valhall 12:22, Cossacks - Valhall 15:0, Cobham - Valhall 15:0

Standings: 1. Golden Cossacks, 2. Cobham, 3. Valhall, 4. L´Hospitalet

Pool D:

Perugia - Attila 10:19, Moravia - Perugia 33:0, Moravia - Attila 14:7

Standings: 1. Moravia, 2. Attila-Vintage Vikings, 3. Perugia

Play-off Games: 

Krocks - L´Hospitalet 25:5

Baroudeurs - Zagreb 27:5

Valhall - Perugia 10:12

Krakow - Baden W. 7:19

Cobham - Attila 19:31

Semifinal: OBP - Aix Entriques 5:22, Moravia - G.Cossacks 0:24;

for the 7th place: Baroudeurs - Perugia 7:0

for the 5th place: Attila - Baden W. 5:14

for the 3rd place: OBP - Moravia 14:7

Final: Aix Entriques - Golden Cossacks 5:0

Final Standings of the GOLDEN CATEGORY:

1. Aix Entriques (France), 2. Golden Cossacks (Ukraine), 3. Old Boys Praha (Czech Republic), 4. All Stars of Morava (Czech Republic), 5. Baden-Württemberg (Germany), 6. Attila RG-Vintage Vikings (Sweden), 7. Old Baroudeurs (France), 8. Old Rugby Perugia-Etruschi (Italy), 9. Cobham All Stars (England), 10. Old Boys Krakow (Poland), 11. Valhall Rugby (Norway), 12. Zagrebački Veteranski Ragbi Klub (Croatia), 13. Peterborough Kawartha Krocks (Canada), 14. RC L´Hospitalet (Catalonia, Spain)


Platinum Cossacks - Master Krocks 22:5, Cossacks - Old Tigers 5:0, Master Krocks - Old Tigers 5:24

Standings: 1. Platinum Cossacks (Ukraine), 2. Old Tigers - Platinum Classic Rugby (Czech Republic), 3. Kawartha Master Krocks (Canada).

Thanks to all participants who came in spite of a heavy competition of all European veteran events organised during this year, incl. European and World Golden Oldies Festivals in Madeira and Edinburgh, the Event was the greatest in the history of the Czech Rugby... Soon, we will prepare a photogallery from this Event which will be available on this website.


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